Football Manager – Best Roles

Choosing the right tactic for your Football Manager team and assigning suitable roles for your players is obviously a highly subjective topic and if you’re managing a top team you will most likely be able to make most tactics/roles work to a certain extent. However, if you’re interested in optimizing every aspect of your team, you should be aware that certain roles just offer more in every phase of the game. At times, that comes with the drawback of needing very special players to fill that role, looking at you Complete Forward.

Tier 1

  • Inverted Wing Back
  • Complete Forward
  • Mezzala
  • Shadow Striker

Tier 2

  • Inverted Winger
  • False Nine
  • Deep Lying Playmaker
  • Central Midfielder
  • Advanced Forward
  • Box to Box Midfielder
  • Ball Playing Defender
  • Libero
  • Segundo Volante
  • Wing Back
  • Winger
  • Wide Target Man

Tier 3

  • Half Back
  • Pressing Forward
  • Full Back
  • Defensive Midfielder
  • Attacking Midfielder
  • Advanced Playmaker
  • Central Defender
  • Complete Wing Back
  • Raumdeuter
  • Sweeper Keeper
  • Target Man
  • Wide Midfielder

Tier 4

  • Inside Forward
  • Goalkeeper
  • Deep Lying Forward
  • Anchor Man
  • Regista
  • Ball Winning Midfielder
  • Defensive Winger
  • Enganche
  • Trequartista

Tier 5

  • Carrilero
  • No-Nonsense Centre Back
  • No-Nonsense Full Back
  • Roaming Playmaker
  • Poacher
  • Wide Playmaker

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