Apex Legends – Weapons
February 12, 2019

Ultimate Weapon Stat Chart – by ThrillGame If the image below is too small for you just click on the headline above for a link to the original image. Spray Patterns – by /u/gbahed If the image below is too small for you … Continue reading

Football Manager – Guides Collection
August 10, 2016

This collection of guides for Football Manager will be updated regularly. General Guide to Football Manager Handling Your First Season In Charge Three Simple Steps To Turn Around An Under-performing Team Game Setup How to set up your FM19 save … Continue reading

Civ5: General Multiplayer Tips
February 22, 2015

Scout – Shrine – Scout – Settler Pottery – Animal Husbandry – Mining – Tech that connects luxury resources Tradition = default Tradition = 3-5 cities at the start Settling near river > Settling near mountain Cities always on production … Continue reading