Exciting Survival Colony Builder – Farthest Frontier Preview

Key art for Farthest Frontier

Have you heard of Farthest Frontier? The survival colony builder is currently in early access and as a big fan of the genre, I took the opportunity to see if it was worth my and your time. Farthest Frontier is developed and published by US-based Crate Entertainment. The team previously released Grim Dawn, an Action … Read more

Baldur’s Gate 3 – Best Items in Act 1

A screenshot of the weapon The Spellsparkler in Baldur's Gate 3

In Baldur’s Gate 3’s Act 1, attentive players can gain a significant edge by securing key items early on. This guide focuses on the best weapons, armor, and accessories available in this part of the game, crucial for those looking to optimize their builds. The guide will also cover the locations of these items, their … Read more

Football Manager – Player Wage Calculator

Close-up Photo of Calculator Display on a Smartphone

Navigating the financial intricacies of Football Manager can be a challenging endeavor, even for the most seasoned managers. To help streamline your budgetary decisions, we’ve developed this wage calculator. Here’s how it works: Start by entering your total wage budget and specifying the number of Key Players, First Team Players, and Rotation Players in your … Read more

Steam Next Fest June 2023 – Best Demos to Play Right Now

Steam Next Fest June 2023 Logo

Welcome to the June 2023 edition of the Steam Next Fest. A hushed reverence fills the air, echoing the poignant whispers of untold stories waiting to be discovered. Within this virtual tapestry, hidden gems and artistic endeavors await your discerning gaze. They are fragments of future worlds, fragile echoes of what is to come. So … Read more

Summer 2023 Game Showcases: Most Promising Games to Wishlist

Summer Game Fest 2023 Logo

As we kick off summer, the world of gaming is abuzz with vibrant, anticipated revelations from the industry’s top conferences. The game showcases this summer have proven to be a goldmine of thrilling surprises, revealing an array of exciting games on the horizon. These are the most promising games to keep an eye on and … Read more

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