Humankind – Cultures Tier List

Screenshot of the culture selection screen in Humankind

Humankind offers a myriad of different combinations of cultures throughout the game’s eras but some of them are objectively better in most situations than others. This tier list will help you out whenever it’s time to choose the next culture for your people. The cultures tier list has been updated to include the cultures added … Read more

Humankind – Cultural Wonder Tier List

Screenshot of a sea front in Humankind

The value you get from spending all your Industry over multiple turns on building a cultural wonder in Humankind varies greatly between the different wonders available in each of the game’s eras. If you want to spend your Industry wisely and get the maximum benefit from each wonder you build, this tier list will help … Read more

Humankind – Guide

Humankind is a rather complex game with a number of mechanics and synergies that are not apparent at first glance. This guide is filled to the brim with useful tips and hints to bring your Humankind game to the next level. Outposts/Cities Districts Wondrous Effect Auto Explore Chopping Trees Trapped Units Population War/Combat Trains Affinities … Read more

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