Civilization 6: Wonder Cheat Sheet

Placing wonders in Civ 6 can be a serious pain and if you want to be serious about your wonder strategy you basically have to plan the layout of your empire right from the start. What terrain does this wonder need? What adjacency is required? Where do I place the district that needs to be adjacent to that wonder? Thankfully there’s the wonder cheat sheet to help you with the planning of your wonder placement.

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Civilization 6: District Cheat Sheet

Everyone who’s ever played Civ 6 is familiar with the problem of placing districts. District placement is hard and good district placement is even harder. This district placement cheat sheet should give you the necessary inspiration to optimize your district placement and put you on the right track to get that great adjacency bonus for your cities.

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Civilization 6 – Unique Unit Tier List

Screenshot of Civilization 6 showing 2 units

If you’re a Civilization 6 player, you know that building a powerful military is essential to success in the game. Unique units are a major component of any civilization’s military strategy, offering specific advantages and drawbacks in battle. This post aims to rank and evaluate the various unique units in the game to create a … Read more

Civilization 6 – Wonder Tier List

Tier 1 Wonders Oracle Pyramids Colosseum Mausoleum at Halicarnassus Kilwa Kisiwani Forbidden City Ruhr Valley Tier 2 Wonders Temple of Artemis Mahabodhi Temple Petra Chichen Itza Mont St. Michel St. Basil’s Cathedral Big Ben Oxford University Eiffel Tower Cristo Redentor Tier 3 Wonders Great Library Jebel Barkal Hagia Sophia Alhambra Angkor Wat Potala Palace Venetian … Read more

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