Resources & Useful Links

Welcome to the resource hub. Here, you’ll find a collection of handpicked links and resources. This list will be continuously reviewed, updated, and supplemented to be the one-stop shop for all your gaming-related needs.

HowLongToBeat – Shows the average completion time for the main story, main story plus side quests, and completionist playthroughs for games.

IsThereAnyDeal – Price/sale aggregator for over 30 game stores that allows you to set price and sale alerts for every game on your wishlist. You can even sync your Steam wishlist.

IGDB – Acronym for Internet Game Database and owned by Twitch. It’s exactly what the name suggests – a database of over 450,000 games.

OpenCritic – The best review aggregator for games out there.

Before I Play – A wiki that tells you things you should know before playing the game you searched for, i.e. some essential tips. Caution: There can be spoilers.

Co-Optimus – Find Co-Op games by selecting your platform and filter by player count, online co-op, couch co-op, split screen, and numerous other filters. Sort by User Rating for the best experience.

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