Football Manager 2020 – How to develop youth players

I don’t know a single person playing FM20 who doesn’t love developing youth players. It’s a great feeling when a talent you nurtured for multiple seasons finally gets first-team minutes. This short guide will tell you all you need to know about developing your highly talented youth prospects in FM20.

  • Improve youth coaches
    • Hire coaches who specialize in a certain aspect of training
    • Good “Working With Youngsters”
  • Hire a good Head of Youth Development
    • Look for a positive personality
  • Look for key attributes
    • Determination
    • Work Rate
    • Natural Fitness
  • Mentoring
    • Create groups with appropriate positions
    • Use influential players with high Determination
    • Use influential players with positive personalities
  • Train your youth players appropriately
    • Mold the training to your tactical requirements
      • Correct roles
      • Correct individual training
  • Game time is everything
    • If you can’t guarantee minutes for your youth prospects look for a loan where the player is a first-team player or even a key player
    • Look out for decent facilities at the clubs loaning your players
    • The higher the league, the better but a player should never be out of his depth
  • Development Center
    • Keep tabs on your youth players via the Development Center

Civilization 6: Wonder Cheat Sheet

Placing wonders in Civ 6 can be a serious pain and if you want to be serious about your wonder strategy you basically have to plan the layout of your empire right from the start. What terrain does this wonder need? What adjacency is required? Where do I place the district that needs to be adjacent to that wonder? Thankfully there’s the wonder cheat sheet to help you with the planning of your wonder placement.

Civilization 6: District Cheat Sheet

Everyone who’s ever played Civ 6 is familiar with the problem of placing districts. District placement is hard and good district placement is even harder. This district placement cheat sheet should give you the necessary inspiration to optimize your district placement and put you on the right track to get that great adjacency bonus for your cities.