Football Manager – How to Develop Youth Players

I don’t know a single person playing Football Manager who doesn’t love developing youth players. It’s a great feeling when a talent you nurtured for multiple seasons finally gets first-team minutes. This short guide will tell you all you need to know about developing your highly talented youth prospects in FM 21.

  • Improve youth coaches
    • Hire coaches who specialize in a certain aspect of training
    • Good “Working With Youngsters”
  • Hire a good Head of Youth Development
    • Look for a positive personality
  • Look for key attributes
    • Determination
    • Work Rate
    • Natural Fitness
  • Mentoring
    • Create groups with appropriate positions
    • Use influential players with high Determination
    • Use influential players with positive personalities
  • Train your youth players appropriately
    • Mold the training to your tactical requirements
      • Correct roles
      • Correct individual training
  • Game time is everything
    • If you can’t guarantee minutes for your youth prospects look for a loan where the player is a first-team player or even a key player
    • Look out for decent facilities at the clubs loaning your players
    • The higher the league, the better but a player should never be out of his depth
  • Development Center
    • Keep tabs on your youth players via the Development Center

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