Football Manager 2022 – Lower League Guide

Soccer goal on brown pitch

Other than a journeyman save, lower league management is likely one of the hardest tasks you can set for yourself in Football Manager 2022. The players are significantly worse, the budget is very tight or non-existent, and the club’s finances are often one bad season away from disaster. There is no thought of signing South … Read more

Crusader Kings 3 – Succession Guide

Screenshot of dynasty tree in Crusader Kings 3

If you have played CK3, you have most likely been screwed by the death of your player character and the subsequent succession that fractured your realm into pieces at one point or another. This guide on succession in Crusader Kings 3 will help you handle all future successions and allow your realm to soar to … Read more

Crusader Kings 3 – Commander Traits

Warfare is an essential part of CK3 and commander traits of knights give bonuses to the respective army. You can actively aim for the commander traits you want via the right education (see our Education Guide) for your future knights. Interested in more Crusader Kings 3 guides? Visit our Crusader Kings 3 section – or … Read more

Crusader Kings 3 – Education Guide

Screenshot of lifestyle focus screen in Crusader Kings 3

Surrounding yourself with as many highly skilled courtiers as possible comes with multiple benefits. It makes filling council positions easy because you have plenty of good candidates, and there are always suitable matches for marriage available right at your court. It might even help your army by providing a pool of excellently trained knights and … Read more

Crusader Kings 3 – Marriage Guide

Screenshot of the Arrange Marriage screen in Crusader Kings 3

Marriage in Crusader Kings 3 is a powerful way to gain access to good courtiers, and highly skilled commanders for your army, fill council positions, and secure alliances. But first and foremost, marriage is the only way to expand and strengthen your dynasty. This marriage guide for Crusader Kings 3 will teach you all you … Read more

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