Crusader Kings 3 – Commander Traits

Warfare is an essential part of CK3 and commander traits of knights give bonuses to the respective army. You can actively aim for the commander traits you want via the right education (see our Education Guide) for your future knights.

Commander traits are primarily gained by events and provide a variety of different bonuses to characters leading your armies on the battlefield.

Commander TraitBonus
Aggressive Attacker+25% Enemy fatal casualties
Flexible Leader−50% Enemy defensive advantage
ForderCrosses water without advantage penalties
Holy Warrior+10 Faith hostility advantage
Logistician+100% Supply duration
Military Engineer−30% Siege phase time
Organizer+25% Movement speed
−20% Retreat losses
Reaver+100% Raid speed
−75% Hostile county attrition
Unyielding Defender−25% Friendly fatal casualties
Cautious Leader+4 Minimum battle roll
−2 Maximum battle roll
Reckless+6 Maximum battle roll
−4 Minimum battle roll
Forest Fighter+5 Advantage in forest and taiga terrain
Open Terrain Expert+4 Advantage in farmlands, plains, and steppe terrain
Rough Terrain Expert+4 Advantage in hills, mountains, and wetlands terrain
Desert Warrior+5 Advantage in desert, desert mountains, drylands, and oasis terrain
Jungle Stalker+6 Jungle advantage
−50% Jungle attrition
No jungle supply limit penalty

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