Crusader Kings 3 – Marriage Guide

  • Your female children should be married for alliances
    • Pick alliances carefully; you will be called into war
    • Allies should be close to your own territory to be useful
  • Consider marrying your female children matrilineally to ensure that children are born to your dynasty
  • Arrange marriages for courtiers to get more children in your court
    • Educate those children to maximize their skills and get a steady stream of highly skilled councilors
    • Arrange marriages for male court members with characters from outside your realm to gain their spouses as additional court members
    • Arrange matrilineal marriages for female court members with characters outside of your realm to gain their spouses as additional court members
    • Try to keep as many congenital traits in your court as possible to ensure availability for future marriages
  • Culture has minimal impact; faith has a high impact on the willingness to accept a marriage proposal
  • Consider claims potential spouses hold
    • A pressed claim will be passed down as an unpressed claim to children; unpressed claims end with you
  • Fertility goes down dramatically with age; choose young spouses
  • The list of all possible spouses is usually too long to show all the possible candidates; use the filter function
  • Choose your main spouse mainly by her skills
    • The skills of the main spouse should improve your worst skills; you can assign them to assist with a certain area
  • Prioritize congenital traits when choosing a spouse (use the filter)
    • Children have a small probability to inherit those traits
    • If you’re able to combine all 3 trait groups in one child you can use the “Strengthen Bloodline” decision
      • “Strong Blood” modifier for your dynasty
        • Health: Small Boost
        • Chance of inheriting good congenital traits: +40%
        • Chance of new good congenital traits: +400%
  • Keep an eye on the prestige gain/loss associated with marriage; decided by the character’s standing/influence
  • Utilize perks and traits to increase the willingness to accept marriage proposals via opinion increases
  • Dynasty Legacy “Desirable Match” from the Glory tree will increase the marriage acceptance chance by 30

Useful perks for marriage proposals

DiplomacyDiplomatDefensive NegotiationsFellow vassal opinion: +15
Independent ruler opinion: +15
Can propose one Alliance without a marriage
DiplomacyFamily HierarchBefriendYou can use the Befriend Scheme
(Befriend rulers of children you want to arrange marriages with)
DiplomacyFamily HierarchFlatterBefriend Scheme Power: +30%
MartialGallantPromising ProspectsMarriage Acceptance for yourself: +50
Marriage Acceptance for your Close Family: +25
Marriage Acceptance for your Extended Family: +25
LearningScholarOpen-MindedDifferent Culture Opinion: +15
Ignore Negative Culture Opinion: Yes
LearningScholarApostateDifferent Faith Opinion +15
Faith Conversion Costs: -75%

Useful traits for marriage proposals

DiplomacyDiplomatDiplomatDiplomacy: +3
Independent Ruler Opinion: +20
Personal Scheme Power: +25%
DiplomacyFamily HierarchMatriarchFertility; +20%
Stress Loss: 20%
Close Family Opinion: +15
House Opinion: +10

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