Football Manager 2022 – Lower League Guide

Last updated on September 25th, 2023 at 12:19 pm

Other than a journeyman save, lower league management is likely one of the hardest tasks you can set for yourself in Football Manager 2022. The players are significantly worse, the budget is very tight or non-existent, and the club’s finances are often one bad season away from disaster. There is no thought of signing South American talent.

Sound good? Then this guide to lower league management in Football Manager 2022 will help you get started.

  • Get Team Reports from teams in higher leagues in order to get in some loans
  • Don’t pay transfer fees for players
    • Filter the player search for expired contracts
  • Use loans as much as possible
  • Use trials as much as possible (2 weeks)
    • You won’t stretch your limited scouting resources thin and trials won’t be as much of a hit on your budget
    • Quicker method
  • Value current ability higher than the potential ability
    • Promotion should always be the focus
    • Players you are bringing in should help you right away
  • Always offer shorter-term contracts (1-year contracts)
    • It’s not guaranteed that a player will still help you when you achieve promotion
  • Try to go for versatile players in order to save your budget and ensure squad depth
  • Make sure you are always training 3 different tactics
    • Different situations and different scores require different tactics
  • Get senior affiliate clubs
    • Club Vision -> Make Board Request -> Senior Affiliate
    • Adds to your scouring knowledge
    • You can get great players on loan
    • You can have more than one senior affiliate club
  • Always improve your staff every year
    • Optimize the coaching assignments
  • Schedule your own friendly games to make some money
    • Compare fees and income for different teams with different reputations
    • Friendly games against senior affiliates have most likely 0 fees and high income
  • Focus on physically dominant players
  • Keep your tactics simple (e.g. 4-4-2)
    • Players most likely don’t have the attributes for more fancy tactics

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