Football Manager 2022 – Best Player Roles

Screenshot of the tactics screen in Football Manager 2022

Choosing the right tactic for your Football Manager team and assigning suitable roles for your players is obviously a highly subjective topic and if you’re managing a top team you will most likely be able to make most tactics/roles work to a certain extent. However, if you’re interested in optimizing every aspect of your team, … Read more

Football Manager 2022 – Personality Guide

Football Manager has 6 relevant (hidden) attributes. The combination of these attributes makes up a player’s personality. Each personality attribute has multiple effects on the behavior of a player. Hidden Attributes Attribute Effect Ambition More likely to have good training progressionMore likely to want his manager to speak positively about player’s/team’s prospectsMore likely to want … Read more

Football Manager 2022 – Lower League Guide

Soccer goal on brown pitch

Other than a journeyman save, lower league management is likely one of the hardest tasks you can set for yourself in Football Manager 2022. The players are significantly worse, the budget is very tight or non-existent, and the club’s finances are often one bad season away from disaster. There is no thought of signing South … Read more

Football Manager 2022 – How to Develop Youth Players

I don’t know a single person playing Football Manager who doesn’t love developing youth players. It’s a great feeling when a talent you nurtured for multiple seasons finally gets first-team minutes. This short guide will tell you all you need to know about developing your highly talented youth prospects in FM 21. Interested in more … Read more

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