Football Manager 2022 Guides

Football Manager 2022 is a great game that is becoming more and more popular but also has a very steep learning curve. Especially if you don’t start as a manager of a top club, the dream of a long career with your favorite club can quickly come to an end after a few beginner mistakes.

This collection of guides is designed to flatten the learning curve as much as possible, explaining the complex mechanics of the game while also serving as a reference for the future.

To help with your in-play management, check out our guide on touchline shouts.

In order to get the most out of the players you have at your disposal, it’s crucial to choose the best roles for them in your tactics.

But how do you even get the best players? Scouting is key and player personalities play an important part in their performance and their development.

Looking for a challenge outside of the top clubs and the best leagues? Maybe lower league management is perfect for you.