Crusader Kings 3 Guides

While being one of the more easily accessible grand strategy games by Paradox Development Studio, Crusader Kings 3 still offers a lot of complexity and some mechanics that go deeper than one would expect upon initial consideration.

Fortunately, you can adjust the difficulty level to your own needs and preferences by choosing an appropriate character. Nevertheless, it helps to better understand some of Crusader Kings 3’s basic concepts to help your empire rise as quickly as possible.


Our guides to Succession, Education, and Marriage will help you plan your dynasty.


Sometimes war is inevitable or even essential to achieving your goals. Our guide to Warfare will make your armies unstoppable and our list of Commander Traits will help you choose the best generals for your armies.

Realm Management

The foundation of any empire is a steady, never-ending stream of revenue. Infrastructure needs to be built, your standing army needs to be paid, and mercenaries need to be hired. Even a little bribery has never rarely hurt anyone. Our guide to Earning Gold will help you maximize your income.