Rimworld – Bullet Point Guide

Last updated on September 18th, 2021 at 06:35 pm

This quick guide to Rimworld is a collection of tips, hints, and best practices that can be used in any start scenario and will be updated continuously.


  1. Stonecutting
  2. Complex Clothing
  3. Smithing
  4. Plate Armor
  5. Complex Furniture
  6. Electricity


  • Save bedrolls for caravans
  • Outdoor stockpile within 6 tiles of walls to put a roof over it
  • Passive coolers cool food storage to a minimum of 17C
  • Use airlock (door, empty tile, door) for food storage
  • Leave the doors of the food storage open in the winter to use cold temperature
  • Double walls help retain temperature


  • Use spike traps in choke points
  • Colonists have a low chance of activating spike traps and hurting themselves
  • Animals will trigger spike traps so set the zones accordingly
  • Clear stone chunks and trees around the base to reduce cover for raiders
  • Upgrade spike traps to stone or steel to deal with Mechanoids
  • Double walls
  • EMP Grenades against Shield Belts
  • Separate turrets and colonists because turrets will explode when damaged


  • Animals may serve as a living food reserve during harsh winters so try to keep them alive
  • Animals capable of hauling are very useful
  • Don’t allow tamed animals to roam outside of the base as wild predators will hunt them
  • Tame Boomalopes to milk Chemfuel


  • Prioritize hunting animals which have 0% revenge chance (e.g. deer and alpaca) or can mostly be found alone (e.g. turkey or raccoon) or are injured and with impaired movement
  • Whenever possible make more pemmican as long as you have both meat and edible plants as it lasts over a year without spoiling
  • If you run out of pemmican and can’t make more, set a bill for Simple Meals and forbid vegetarian ingredients
  • Rice is the fastest growing crop, Strawberries are the second-fastest
  • Blight prevention: Put greater distance between growing zones


  • Change the Ingredient radius on stoves and production tables to prevent colonists from gathering resources on the entire map


  • Place light sources on the main walkways of the base: Light affects walking speed
  • Draft colonists to manage firefighting: They will put out fires around them
  • Reduce resistance on prisoners you don’t want to recruit to train social skills of colonists
  • Disallow tattered apparel: Assign – Manage outfits – slider to at least 51% hit points
  • Strip downed enemies to gain clothing that isn’t tainted

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