Football Manager – Player Wage Calculator

Navigating the financial intricacies of Football Manager can be a challenging endeavor, even for the most seasoned managers. To help streamline your budgetary decisions, we’ve developed this wage calculator.

Here’s how it works: Start by entering your total wage budget and specifying the number of Key Players, First Team Players, and Rotation Players in your squad. Our calculator then allocates 30% of your total budget to each player category. It then divides this amount by the number of players in each category, providing an average wage suggestion. To give a little more wiggle room, we also calculate a wage cap, which is 20% higher than the suggested average wage for each category.

With these insights, you can strategically allocate your budget, ensuring that each player is compensated fairly while maximizing your club’s financial efficiency.


Key Players Average Wage: 0

Key Players Wage Cap: 0

First Team Players Average Wage: 0

First Team Players Wage Cap: 0

Rotation Players Average Wage: 0

Rotation Players Wage Cap: 0

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