Civilization 6 – Unique Unit Tier List

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If you’re a Civilization 6 player, you know that building a powerful military is essential to success in the game. Unique units are a major component of any civilization’s military strategy, offering specific advantages and drawbacks in battle. This post aims to rank and evaluate the various unique units in the game to create a tier list, helping you to better understand which units are worth investing in and which ones are not. So, whether you’re a seasoned Civilization 6 player or just starting out, keep reading to learn how the game’s unique units stack up against each other.

Tier 1 Unique Unit

  • Eagle Warrior (Aztec)
  • Pitati Archer (Nubia)
  • War-Cart (Sumeria)
  • Legion (Rome)
  • Varu (India / Chandragupta)
  • Impi (Zulu)
  • Llanero (Gran Colombia)
  • Minas Geraes (Brazil)
  • Mountie (Canada)

Tier 2 Unique Units

  • Hul’che (Maya)
  • Hetairoi (Alexander)
  • Immortal (Persia)
  • Black Army (Matthias Corvinus)
  • Keshig (Mongolia)
  • Winged Hussar (Poland)
  • Janissary (Suleiman)
  • Malón Raider (Mapuche)

Tier 3 Unique Units

  • Toa (Maori)
  • Varu (India / Gandhi)
  • Barbary Corsair (Ottomans)
  • Domrey (Khmer)
  • Jong (Indonesia)
  • Mamluk (Arabia)
  • Mandekalu Cavalry (Mali)
  • De Zeven Provincien (Netherlands)
  • Cossack (Russia)
  • Huszár (Hungary)
  • Redcoat (Victoria)
  • P-51 Mustang (America)

Tier 4 Unique Units

  • Bireme (Phoenicia)
  • Hoplite (Greece)
  • Viking Longship (Harald Hardrada)
  • Ngao Mbeba (Kongo)
  • Warak’aq (Inca)
  • Conquistador (Spain)
  • Hwacha (Korea)
  • Garde Imperiale (France)
  • Rough Rider (Teddy Roosevelt)
  • Digger (Australia)

Tier 5 Unique Units

  • Okihtcitaw (Cree)
  • Hypaspist (Macedon)
  • Carolean (Sweden)
  • Highlander (Scotland)
  • U-Boat (Germany)

Tier 6 Unique Units

  • Maryannu Chariot Archer (Egypt)
  • Khevsur (Georgia)
  • Samurai (Japan)
  • Sea Dog (England)

Tier 7 Unique Units

  • Saka Horse Archer (Scythia)
  • Berserker (Norway)
  • Crouching Tiger (China)

Before you go …

Building the best unique units is only one part of creating a successful war machine. Consider building supplementary wonders to give a significant boost to your military power. The best wonders to build are highlighted in the Wonder Tier List.

Civilization 6 – Wonder Tier List

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