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Last updated on February 17th, 2023 at 06:38 pm

Humankind is a rather complex game with a number of mechanics and synergies that are not apparent at first glance. This guide is filled to the brim with useful tips and hints to bring your Humankind game to the next level.


  • At least 10 Food + 7 Industry
    • As Outpost creation costs 35 Industry this will ensure Outposts in no more than 5 turns
    • The number of turns it takes to build an outpost directly relates to the outpost’s Industry
      • It tends to be better to choose more productive tiles to get outposts online quicker
  • Don’t settle next to borders as you can’t work the tiles on the other side of the border
  • Try to claim adjecent territories; costs for outposts is lower
  • Turn the first outpost into a city immediately; city tiles have significantly better yields
  • Try to build cities up to your city cap
  • Build luxury districts and harbors (for additional food) in outposts with influence
  • No point in building Infrastructure twice if territories are connected together (Infrastructure can only be build once per city)
  • Emblematic quarters should be build before changing your culture
  • Connecting territories gets more expensive with more population and with less stability
  • You can relocate outposts for influence
  • In the early game try to keep cities above 90% stability to maximize your influence gain
  • Try to keep the ratio of cities to attached territories close to 1:1
    • Attachment cost increases with the number of already attached territories
  • The Defiant status from refusing an osmosis event does not stack; the 10 turns do refresh


  • Placing Hamlets on islands you wouldn’t be able to build districts on allows for adjecent placement of districts and on top of the Hamlet

Wondrous Effect

  • Extra effects from Luxury Resources if you have access (also via trade) to half the deposits of a Luxury Resource in the world and have build a Luxury Manufactory on one of the deposits
  • Luxury Manufactory can only build once in the world per Luxury Resource
  • The Hanging Gardens of Babylon count as a Luxury Manufactory for the Luxury Resource open which they are built even if you don’t control the majority of the deposits of that Luxury Resource

Auto Explore

  • Auto Explore works great to gather Curiosities, you could potentially use it from the first turn

Chopping Trees

  • Action that can be taken by Units on any forest, woodland or other tile with trees
  • Instant boost to Industry for the city in the respective territory
  • Converts tile into Dry Grass tile removing the Industry benefits
  • Can also be used to change potential battlefields as trees provide protection against enemy fire
  • You can re-forest and chop down trees in subsequent turns

Trapped Units

  • Units trapped in foreign territory slowly lose health each turn
  • Place move order outside of foreign territory to avoid having to declare war (the number of turns to get there doesn’t matter)


  • Units count as population
  • Population within a city as also a currency (buyout with population)
  • To redistribute population between cities recruit units in the bigger city and disband those units in the region of the smaller city
    • Especially useful for cities near a front of war
  • Recruit units to avoid starvation and potential loss of population through starvation


  • During combat, click “Defend” on your melee units to have the AI attack into them even from adventageous positions
    • Especially useful in chokepoints with ranged units as backup
  • Ransack administrative centers and build outposts in the now empty territories to reduce war score costs
  • Conquer 0 population neutral/enemy cities by just walking a unit on the tile of the city
  • Newly conquered cities can be ransacked to destroy them


  • Movement of units has to start and end at a train station
  • When placing train stations keep in mind where you want your troops to be able to get off trains
  • Units standing on train tracks will render the entire section of the train network useless
    • Your train tracks should be away from undefended borders


  • Expansionist
    • Active ability works on Outposts and Administrative Centers (Outposts attached to cities)
    • Active ability requires unit to stand on the Outpost/Administrative Center for multiple consecutive turns uninterrupted

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