Humankind – Guide


  • At least 10 Food + 7 Industry
    • As Outpost creation costs 35 Industry this will ensure Outposts in no more than 5 turns
  • Don’t settle next to borders as you can’t work the tiles on the other side of the border
  • Try to claim adjecent territories; costs for outposts is lower
  • Turn the first outpost into a city immediately; city tiles have significantly better yields
  • Try to build cities up to your city cap
  • Build resource districts in outposts with Influence
  • No point in building Infrastructure twice if territories are connected together (Infrastructure can only be build once per city)
  • Emblematic quarters should be build before changing your culture
  • Connecting territories gets more expensive with more population and with less stability

Wondrous Effect

  • Extra effects from Luxury Resources if you have access (also via trade) to half the deposits of a Luxury Resource in the world and have build a Luxury Manufactory on one of the deposits
  • Luxury Manufactory can only build once in the world per Luxury Resource
  • The Hanging Gardens of Babylon count as a Luxury Manufactory for the Luxury Resource open which they are built even if you don’t control the majority of the deposits of that Luxury Resource

Auto Explore

  • Auto Explore works great to gather Curiosities, you could potentially use it from the first turn

Chopping Trees

  • Action that can be taken by Units on any forest, woodland or other tile with trees
  • Instant boost to Industry for the city in the respective territory
  • Converts tile into Dry Grass tile removing the Industry benefits
  • Can also be used to change potential battlefields as trees provide protection against enemy fire
  • You can re-forest and chop down trees in subsequent turns

Trapped Units

  • Units trapped in foreign territory slowly lose health each turn
  • Place move order outside of foreign territory to avoid having to declare war (the number of turns to get there doesn’t matter)


  • To redistribute population between cities recruit units in the bigger city and disband those units in the region of the smaller city
    • Especially useful for cities near a front of war
  • Recruit units to avoid starvation and potential loss of population through starvation


  • Movement of units has to start and end at a train station
  • When placing train stations keep in mind where you want your troops to be able to get off trains
  • Units standing on train tracks will render the entire section of the train network useless
    • Your train tracks should be away from undefended borders


  • Expansionist
    • Active ability works on Outposts and Administrative Centers (Outposts attached to cities)
    • Active ability requires unit to stand on the Outpost/Administrative Center for multiple consecutive turns uninterrupted