The Wandering Village – First Impression

Picture of Onbu from The Wandering Village

During the Steam Next Fest 2022, I had the opportunity to play the demo for The Wandering Village by Swiss developer Stray Fawn Studio – a colony management game that lets you build a village on a giant dinosaur-like creature called Onbu who moves through the game world. Hence the title of the game. In … Read more

Crusader Kings 3 – Earning Gold

Screenshot of holding upgrade screen in Crusader Kings 3

Who doesn’t like to be filthy rich when playing Crusader Kings 3? That’s right, everybody wants that because it enables more options to get the better over your rivals and neighbors. In this guide on earning gold in Crusader Kings 3, we will dive deep into the mechanics behind min-maxing the economy of your realm. … Read more

Football Manager 2022 – Shouts

Touchline shouts are another tool in your arsenal in Football Manager to influence the performance of your team during the game and all managers are well-advised to learn how and when to use them to the best effect. Because as with most things in life, there are two sides to the same coin. A touchline … Read more

Football Manager 2022 – Best Scouting Regions

There are two types of Football Manager players, those who enjoy scouting and signing new players and those who are lying. But how to maximize the net your scouting network is casting? The answer is prioritizing the high-potential regions. The tier list below shows you which regions should be your top priorities when setting up … Read more

Football Manager 2022 – Best Player Roles

Screenshot of the tactics screen in Football Manager 2022

Choosing the right tactic for your Football Manager team and assigning suitable roles for your players is obviously a highly subjective topic and if you’re managing a top team you will most likely be able to make most tactics/roles work to a certain extent. However, if you’re interested in optimizing every aspect of your team, … Read more

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