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Last updated on February 17th, 2023 at 06:29 pm

Touchline shouts are another tool in your arsenal in Football Manager to influence the performance of your team during the game and all managers are well-advised to learn how and when to use them to the best effect. Because as with most things in life, there are two sides to the same coin. A touchline shout used wrong or at the wrong time might send the morale and body language of your players into a downward spiral, with undesirable side effects on the performance on the pitch included.

Let’s dive in and explore how to use shouts in FM.

Best Practice

  • Pause the game prior to selecting and confirming a shout. You want to avoid using a shout that does not fit the current situations and flow of the game at all costs.
  • Prior to using a shout, think briefly about whether you want to address an individual player, a group of players, or your entire team.


  • Boosts low morale
  • Use during the first 5 minutes of a game
  • Use when you are a goal down or the opponent equalizes the game
  • Use when one of your players misses a penalty
  • Use when a mistake from one of your players leads to a goal

Calm Down

  • Use when a player should avoid an additional booking
  • Use when a player is on the edge of suspension and/or is acting aggressively


  • Use when your team has given away a dangerous free-kick or a penalty
  • Use when your team concedes an easy goal

Fire Up

  • One step up from “Encourage”
  • Use when the game is getting hectic and high paced
  • Use when your team has multiple woodwork hits
  • Use when one of your players scored an own goal

No Pressure

  • Use to set your players at ease
  • Use when one of your players has to play extremely out of position

Demand More

  • Use when the scoreline is not good enough (even when you are winning)


  • Don’t use this shout all the time
  • Use when your team is (at least) 2 goals up
  • Use when one of your players gets a goal, assists, penalty save, or goal-saving tackle

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