Football Manager – Guides Collection

This collection of guides for Football Manager will be updated regularly.

Guide to Football Manager
Handling Your First Season In Charge
Three Simple Steps To Turn Around An Under-performing Team

Game Setup

How to set up your FM19 save

Before Hitting Continue

FM 19 – Coaches, Scouts & Physios

FM 19 – Analyse Squad

FM 19 – Tactic Building

FM 19 – Training Guide

FM 19 – Training Guide Part 2

Tactic Sessions: Possession
How to Play FM14: A Twelve Step Guide
Pairs & Combinations
Central Midfielders
Wide Players
The Mentality Ladder
Creating A Tactic – Design, Create and Maintain

“How I…” FM Guide: Training (Der FM)

Player Development
Emulating La Masia; 01. Setting Up Your Own Conveyor Belt Of Talent
Emulating La Masia; 02. The Facilities
Emulating La Masia; 03. The (Coaching) Staff
Emulating La Masia; 04. The Club DNA
Emulating La Masia; 05. Requirements
Emulating La Masia; 06. Tutoring
Emulating La Masia; 07. First Team Action
Ajax Youth Development – When The Real World Meets Football Manager
Youth Development Guide – Reddit
Football Manager 2017 Tips & Tricks | Youth Development

Player Preferred Moves (PPMs)
Utilizing Player Preferred Moves
Player Preferred Moves

Creating a Scouting System
BEGINNERS Guide To Finding Loan Players – Lower League Management (LLM)

FM18 – Finding the best loans using Team Reports

FM19 Scouting – How to set up scouting quickly

Staff Responsibilities & Backroom Advice

Match Analysis
The First 15 Minutes

Player Roles
Inverted Wing Back

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