Football Manager 2021 – Lower League Guide

  • Get Team Reports from teams in higher leagues in order to get in some loans
  • Don’t pay transfer fees for players
    • Filter the player search for expired contracts
  • Use trials as much as possible (2 weeks)
    • You won’t stretch your limited scouting resources thin and trials won’t be as much of a hit on your budget
    • Quicker method
  • Value current ability higher than potential ability
    • Promotion should always be the focus
    • Players you are bringing in should help you right away
  • Always offer shorter-term contracts (1-year contracts)
    • It’s not guaranteed that a player will still help you when you achieve promotion
  • Try to go for versatile players in order to save your budget and ensure squad depth
  • Make sure you are always training 3 different tactics
    • Different situations and different scores require different tactics
  • Get a senior affiliate
    • Club Visions -> Make Board Request -> Senior Affiliate
    • Adds to your scouring knowledge
    • You can get great players on loan
  • Always improve your staff every year
    • Optimize the coaching assignments

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