Apex Legends – When To Push Enemies

One of the most critical skills any Apex Legends player has to learn sooner rather than later is the assessment of when and how to push an opposing team after an initial skirmish has been won. Since each situation is different, this guide will provide a few questions to always ask yourself and your team prior to going all-in on a rush towards the enemy position.

  • Do you have an armor/health advantage over the enemy?
  • Did you get a knockdown on an enemy?
  • Can you safely push without running into a crossfire situation?
  • Can you use your team’s abilites to facilitate a push?
  • Is the enemy you are trying to push isolated from the rest of its team?
  • Does the enemy have better positioning than your team?
  • Are there any other enemy teams nearby?
    • You need to avoid getting third partied under any circumstances.
  • Do you have the zone advantage?
    • Don’t push towards an enemy if the zone will push that enemy to your position.
  • Are you chasing too long?
    • The longer a gunfight is drawn out, the more attention you are drawing to yourself. As a rule of thumb, if you are chasing for more than 30 seconds, move on.

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