Apex Legends – Season 11 Weapons Tier List

Each new season of Apex Legends comes with multiple balance tweaks of varying gravity. Season 11 of Apex Legends, called Escape, is no different. In addition to the metagame shake-up associated with these balance changes, there’s usually a new weapon. In season 11 we can all get familiar with the new C.A.R. SMG, a submachine gun that utilizes both Heavy Rounds and Light Rounds and is compatible with two Extended Mags. The best thing about it? A rate of fire of 930 RPM earning the C.A.R. a place in Tier 2 on our list.

The season runs from 2 November 2021 to 8 February 2022 with Storm Point being the featured map and World’s Edge being the secondary map.

Tier 1

  • Volt SMG
  • R-301 Carbine

Tier 2

  • VK-47 Flatline
  • C.A.R. SMG
  • R-99 SMG

Tier 3

  • Wingman
  • Prowler Burst PDW
  • Peacekeeper

Tier 4

  • Mastiff Shotgun
  • Triple Take
  • Rampage LMG
  • Longbow DMR

Tier 5

  • EVA-8 Auto
  • Hemlok Burst AR
  • HAVOC Rifle
  • Devotion LMG
  • 30-30 Repeater
  • Charge Rifle
  • Sentinel
  • Bocek Compound Bow

Tier 6

  • RE-45 Auto
  • Mozambique Shotgun
  • P2020