Apex Legends – Gibraltar Guide

As you can see in our Legends Tier List, Gibraltar remains one of the best picks if your squad is in need of a defensive legend. His entire kit is extremely strong and allows for a lot of flexibility with the other two legends of your squad. Unfortunately, playing Gibraltar to his best isn’t easy which is why we have collected a few tips and tricks in our Gibraltar guide to help you get your Gibraltar game to the next level.

  • Best weapon combo: Mastiff/Peacekeeper + Mid Range Weapon (e.g. Hemlok, Triple Take)
  • Gun Shield
    • Makes you the best poker in the game
    • If you crouch the Gun Shield covers almost your entire body
    • You can block grenade damage by facing the Gun Shield down
    • Absorbs all damage until it is broken
    • Always wait for your Gun Shield to come back up before poking again
  • Bubble Fighting
    • Always play the edge of your Dome of Protection
    • Try to wait for your opponent to come into the bubble, shoot and move out of the bubble before moving in again to shoot again
    • Use your bubble to push into buildings
    • To beat an enemy Gibraltar, force him to waste his bubble
  • Defensive Bombardment
    • Use Ultimate Accelerants to get your ultimate up quickly

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